Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Last...

The last day.. Moment or days.. Yeah, we are now having our last moment in GMI. After 3 years. Amer n Peachy will go back tomorrow. I'll only be back in Melaka on Saturday. As for Md Zaini, I don't know. either tomorrow or Saturday. Haih~ At first all of them said that they wanted to attend the IE League Party tomorrow night, but whey will already be gone by then. So, what should I do? If Zaini is still here tomorrow night, then there'll be no problems for me to attend the party. But if he too, go back tomorrow, then i should reconsider whether to go to the party or not.Haih~ For the All White Party on Saturday night, I'll pass. I;ll be going back to Melaka by then.

Went to the project room dis morning. Have to finish the clearance.Returned all the hardware [and software] that we'd used for our project. Alhamdulillah, we didn't lost anything. Everything that we'd taken, had been returned. So, no need to pay for anything. By finishing the clearance process and submitting the graduation form, it's official that we'd finished our business in GMI. Well, except for the graduation part. We'd to come for our graduation. Oh and also the documentation part. Had to come again on 13th July.

It's my syg's birthday today. 25th June. So, today she went out with her friends to celebrate. She told me that in Tg. Malim, that place only has KFC. So, they went there to celebrate. Sorry syg, couldn't celebrate your birthday together. Maybe next year,ok? No matter what, I sayang U lbey la for understanding our situation. =P. She's been busy today. I've been busy too. But she told me that she'll be much busy when the new semester starts. Huhuhu... But I understand. I'm a student too. So, life as a student is quite hectic. It's considerable la.. So, don't worry. We should both concentrate on our study too apart of our relationship.

She'd told her mom bout me. Oh, and before, her mom look at out picture that she took at Putrajaya. She asked my syg " Kenapa muke bf kak cik mcm cina?"[lbey kurang cmtu la] ahaha... What to do.. I'm already used to it. So, it's fine with me. hehehe..

A few night back, we went to the rooftop. Just wanna chill and relax. Enjoying the view from the top of our hostel Snap a few pictures. So, enjoy!! =P

Fuad, Me, Amer (ala2 batman), Alif
Fuad & Me


Amer, Fuad, Alif & Me

Alusi, Fuad, Alif, Peci & Amer

Kung Fu Style~ hahaha...

Most Left : Aker (amer's brother)
Well, that's all for now. I might be at home when i create the next blog. So, dun expect more pictures.. hahaha..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A day out..

Didn't sleep last night.. Been watching movie until 7.00 a.m. After that only i went to sleep. So, i woke up quite late today.. Then, prepared myself. have a shower, do a few things then off i go to Putrajaya. 'Someone' had a photo shoot there just now. It was my first experience watching a photo shoot session. Push aside the photo shoot of my friends' and cousins' wedding. This is an outdoor photo shoot session ok. It was an interesting session. And the cameraman is quite good.

Actually, I arrived late just now. The photo shoot had already begun when I arrived. That 'someone' even sms-ing during the photo shoot. If I knew that it had begun, I won't bother her and try to find the spot myself. Sorry ya~ hehehe... We went to 2 or 3 spots. Nice one.. And we also went to Istana Kehakiman. Ehem! Ehem! [x ingt pejabat ape ek? well, u were bz with the photo shoot, so it's considerable la..]

'Someone' sister came along too. But i couldn't talk much with her. I don't know why. Maybe because it's natural to me for not to talk to much with someone that i met for the 1st time. Sori ye kak.. :D After the photo shoot session end, we went to Secret Recipe for a drink. have a little talk with 'someone'. Less talk with 'someone' sister. Again, sori ye kak.. huhuhu... Maybe next time we can talk much more. but need to work on the topics to talk first. hehehe...

'Someone' took some pictures of us. Hehe.. 'Someone' sister even said something like this " Dia memang xpnt amik gmbr" or something similar to that. hehehe... Well, she's absolutely right. Hehehe... So many poses today. And 'someone' didn't even look tired. Nice~ After that, they went back to Tg. Malim and i heard that they got a little bit lost on their way back. But then, they find the right way back.hehehe.. As for me, i went back to Bangi. Then, went to the night market to grab something to eat. 

Well, i can say that today is an amazing day with an amazing experience. A new one. Learned a few tricks in photographing (is it the correct word? it does exist right?)

Me and 'someone'.. 

(haa.. muke ktorg nk dkat same ke? photographer tu ckp cmtu td.. hurm.. ader ek?)

~sign out~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life is Complicated

Nasib baik tak bengong..
Nak hadap projek lagi.. Assignment lagi..
Degree macam tak dapat nak sambung Julai ni, kena tunggu Januari tahun depan..
Masa 6 bulan nanti, mahu buat apa? Kena cari kerjalah jawabnya..
Mahu cari kerja dimana? Ada syarikat yang mahu ambil kerja selama 6 bulankah? Mungkin kurang..
Ayah aku nak pergi Indonesia bulan 7 ini katanya, kalau dapat ikut bagus juga.. Kalaulah kan..

Semenjak dua menjak ni, asyik mengeluh sahaja..
Susahnye lah hidup..
Tapi mana boleh nak senang saja kan? Tak mencabar lah macam tu..
Bile pulalah terasa hidup ini senang..
Walaupun tak mempunyai tanggungjawab lagi, duit sudah menjadi satu keperluan..
Zaman sekarang, semuanya perlu duit... Nk buang air pun duit..
Nak menuntut ilmu pun duit..
Zaman Nabi dulu, mana ada minta duit bila menuntut ilmu..
Zaman sekarang, tiada duit tiada kehidupanlah..
Macam mana nak makan, nk beli pakaian kalau tiada duit..

Masalah lama kembali semula..
Hampir setahun aku tak dibebankan dengan masalah ini..
Tapi, kadang-kadang, benda ni bukannya masalah pun..
Aku sendiri yang menjadikan benda ini sebagai masalah..
Sepatutnya dah boleh selesai, tapi aku sendiri yang mengheret bendi ini bersama-sama.
Bukan aku tidak mahu selesaikan..
Aku tidak tahu jalan mana patut aku pilih..
Cara mana aku patut guna..
Aku takut dengan hasil daripada jalan dan cara yang aku pilih itu..
Aku takut aku gagal..
Aku sudah puas gagal..
Aku tak mahu gagal lagi..
Tapi mungkin dengan usia aku yang tidak berapa tua mahu pun muda ini, aku harus menempuh lebih banyak kegagalan lagi..
Ya, aku tau kegagalan boleh menjadi pengajaran..
Tapi kalau aku ni bukan jenis yang tahu serik bagaimana?
Kan senang kalau aku boleh aturkan semua perkara mengikut kehendak sendiri?
Gila, mana ada manusia boleh buat macam itu..

Okay, aku suka-suka sahaja buat entry ini..
Tiada kaitan dengan sesiapa pun entry ini..
Sila jangan terasa.. Aku tulis secara spontan je.. hahahaha...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Express Update.

Dun really have a lot of time to write so much now. Express update it will be for this post:
  1. I forgot Dayah's wed last 30th May. I thought it was on the 30th June. I'm so sorry Dayah, though i noe she won't read dis. But, wish u n your husband live happily ever after and get more kids.. tons of them.. hehehe...
  2. The internal verification will start dis Tuesday. My group will present on Wednesday. I think we'd finished everything that is needed for this Wednesday, except for 1 thing. I haven't explain our project to Ms. Safrina (our english verifier). Need to find some time before Wednesday. 
  3. Final exam will start on 8th June. Only one paper though. Ni biggy.. 
  4. External verification will be two weeks after internal verification. Haih~
  5. We need to re-check the slides and the documentation. Honestly, i can't let Paan do it alone. Though, he had finished it already. But still need to re-check for any silly errors. Which i'm sure there'll be quite a lot. Hahahaha.. [Lantak ko la paan kalo nk mrh pon...]
  6. Need to find a suitable date to go out with Dyana and Mien [suke le tu name korang aku sebut dlm post ni. tgk, bz2 pn ak ingt gak kt korang tau =p], since i'd canceled our previous 'day out'. Not that i did it on purpose, it's quite hectic during that time. To those two, i'll find some time for us for sure. So, wait just a little bit more ya.
That's all i think. U guys, please pray for me and wish me luck for my internal and external verification, and my final exam too. I really2 need it... 
~sign out~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are you fast enough?

45 perkataan

Pantaskah anda? Macam telo Indonesia pulak.. :p

Sila fahami yang niat saya menulis post ini bukanlah untuk menunjuk-nunjuk ataupun takbur. Hanya ingin memberitahu anda di luar sana mengenai kewujudan website yang saya kira sangat menarik ini. Sila cabar diri anda sendiri sebab saya tidak mahu mencabar anda. =P

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Link!!!

Heads up guys!!!

I'd posted a new link on the right.. In case u guys couldn't find it, u can just click this name: Faiz's

Got some interesting stuffs going on at the blogs. Better cekidaud!!

Especially to the Crocs' fans..


Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's all about project..


"Ko tgh buat ape?"
"Aku kat bilik projek"
"Tak boring ke? asik tgk benda yg sama je?"
"Nak buat macam mane, kalo nak grad kena siap projek"
"Jangan nangis ye"

WTF? Ok, da last sentence isn't logic at all. I won't go crying when i have to face the same thing all over again. In fact, I don't remember when is the last time I'd cried. Yup, it's thaaaat long time ago.... I think it happened when my grandpa passed away, or maybe my grandma.. errr... i really couldn't remember.. Haih~ No wonder I'm not their favorite grandchild. Lalalala~

Nowadays, my nights will always be at the project room. Staring at this laptop, or the other 2 PCs. Looking at the Dreamweaver or Adobe flash CS3. Haih~ How to embed a .swf file into your own web? I'd try so many things but none works. Always went back to room in the middle of the night. Sleep after 3..00 or 4.00 in the morning and woke up at 1.00 or 2.00 in the evening. Yup2, thaat late... Only eat once a day, and it's usually at night..

If this continue, i'll surely lost weight by the time the external verification is done. Surely.. But Hell, I dun think i need to lost weight anymore. On the contrary, I think I need to gain more weight.. Haih~ Oh Nooo~ Since when did I started to worry bout my weight? I dun even give a F*** about it before. Clearly, a nice vacation to an island with spectacular view of coral will turn me back to normal. Snorkeling!! Yup2, it'll surely turn me back to a person who won't give a damn about his weight, how much he eat and sometimes don't even care if he has a GF or not.. Hahaha... Nice~

This FYP have been driving me crazy lately. For real!!! It become more and more pressuring when the due date come nearer.. And I don't know whether my project is already finished or not. But I'm sure that the documentation isn't finished yet. I put Paan and Kak Eda in responsible of it. Haih~ That's another problem. Sometimes i felt like I wanted to smash someone's face to the wall again and again.

I need to stop writing now before more and more explicit content being expose here. Wish me luck guys. I know you guys pray everyday. It's quite easy if you guys pray for me too, aite? hehehe...

~sign out~