Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Last...

The last day.. Moment or days.. Yeah, we are now having our last moment in GMI. After 3 years. Amer n Peachy will go back tomorrow. I'll only be back in Melaka on Saturday. As for Md Zaini, I don't know. either tomorrow or Saturday. Haih~ At first all of them said that they wanted to attend the IE League Party tomorrow night, but whey will already be gone by then. So, what should I do? If Zaini is still here tomorrow night, then there'll be no problems for me to attend the party. But if he too, go back tomorrow, then i should reconsider whether to go to the party or not.Haih~ For the All White Party on Saturday night, I'll pass. I;ll be going back to Melaka by then.

Went to the project room dis morning. Have to finish the clearance.Returned all the hardware [and software] that we'd used for our project. Alhamdulillah, we didn't lost anything. Everything that we'd taken, had been returned. So, no need to pay for anything. By finishing the clearance process and submitting the graduation form, it's official that we'd finished our business in GMI. Well, except for the graduation part. We'd to come for our graduation. Oh and also the documentation part. Had to come again on 13th July.

It's my syg's birthday today. 25th June. So, today she went out with her friends to celebrate. She told me that in Tg. Malim, that place only has KFC. So, they went there to celebrate. Sorry syg, couldn't celebrate your birthday together. Maybe next year,ok? No matter what, I sayang U lbey la for understanding our situation. =P. She's been busy today. I've been busy too. But she told me that she'll be much busy when the new semester starts. Huhuhu... But I understand. I'm a student too. So, life as a student is quite hectic. It's considerable la.. So, don't worry. We should both concentrate on our study too apart of our relationship.

She'd told her mom bout me. Oh, and before, her mom look at out picture that she took at Putrajaya. She asked my syg " Kenapa muke bf kak cik mcm cina?"[lbey kurang cmtu la] ahaha... What to do.. I'm already used to it. So, it's fine with me. hehehe..

A few night back, we went to the rooftop. Just wanna chill and relax. Enjoying the view from the top of our hostel Snap a few pictures. So, enjoy!! =P

Fuad, Me, Amer (ala2 batman), Alif
Fuad & Me


Amer, Fuad, Alif & Me

Alusi, Fuad, Alif, Peci & Amer

Kung Fu Style~ hahaha...

Most Left : Aker (amer's brother)
Well, that's all for now. I might be at home when i create the next blog. So, dun expect more pictures.. hahaha..


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